Ingesting coins is more common than you think!

Ingesting coins is more common than you think!
Casey H. sent us an incredible (and scary😰) story about her son Jaxon "hiding" a penny in his mouth that reminded us why we created the Tuttle Safe.
"Jaxon found a penny, and he swallowed it because he didn’t want his big sister to take it. He was in a lot of pain because it was stuck in his esophagus. We took him to the hospital and they gave him an X-ray we stayed over night to see if the penny would pass. By morning they did another X-ray and realized the penny didn’t move at all. They had to remove the penny with an endoscopic grasping instrument through his mouth."
We are so glad everything turned out OK. We're sure Jaxon will have better luck hiding his pennies in his new Tuttle Safe!

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