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FREE Custom Name

FREE Custom names are avalable! You can request up to 10 character names on your Tuttle Safe. Please send a request for a custom name to tuttlesafe@eightyeightpharma.com at the time of purchase.

Can my young child open the Tuttle Safe themselves?

The Tuttle Safe’s lid has a child resistant feature, similar to how medicine bottles have child resistant lids. The lid uses a combination of camouflage and friction to be challenging for young kids 4 and under to understand and open. However, kids 4 and under can learn how to open the Tuttle Safe if they see it opened by an adult or if they are left with it for a long period of time. The Tuttle Safe is not a toy, and you shouldn’t leave it in the reach of young children.

Is the Tuttle Safe only for coins?

The compartments also fit a variety of everyday objects you or your child might want to collect. Paper money can be rolled up and stored in the Tuttle Safe as well.

Is the Tuttle Safe durable?

What does a coin bank have to do with fighting the opioid epidemic?

It’s a cause that we care a lot about and 5% of the profits from every sale will be donated to The Partnership To End Addiction. The technology used for the banks is also being developed for child resistant medicine bottles and we are currently developing this new product.

What is the Tuttle Safe made out of?

The Tuttle Safe is made out of durable ABS and polycarbonate.

Where did the name Tuttle Safe come from?

To us, turtles represent security and safety. As we put ourselves into the minds of children, we thought a child would say turtle like Tuttle. So it stuck and reminds us of why we’re doing this.

Is the Tuttle Safe an automatic coin sorter?

Can the Tuttle Safe hold a half dollar?

Yes! The Tuttle Safe can hold half dollars in the bulk container.

Does the Tuttle Safe Stop Adults?

The lid does not lock, and an adult can probably figure out how to get in after a while. However, someone who has never used a Tuttle Safe probably won’t understand that you may have hidden things in it, right in plain sight.

How many coins can the Tuttle Safe Hold?

The Safe has 4 separate organizer compartments that hold $10 in Quarters, $5 in Dimes, $2 in Nickels and 50¢ in Pennies. It also has a separate bulk coin container that can hold hundreds of coins. All of these compartments are hidden under the rotating child resistant lid. We have counted about $40 in a Tuttle Safe full of a mix of coins. If you exchange your coins for bills, you could store hundreds of dollars in bills.

Can I put medicine in the Tuttle Safe?

The Tuttle Safe is not designed to hold medication.

How do I open the Tuttle Safe?

What are the dimensions?

4" X 4" X 3.75"(4 inches wide X 4 inches long X 3.75 inches tall.)

How do I get out something stuck in the Tuttle Safe?

There are 4 phillips head screws accessible on the bottom of the Tuttle Safe. You can easily disassemble and reassemble the Tuttle Safe to access the inside.

Return Policy

The Tuttle Safe has a life time exchange warranty for manufacturer's defects and wear of the lid. We offer a 30 day from date of sale return policy. Please email tuttlesafe@eightyeightpharma for instructions prior to return.

Shipping Policy

The Tuttle Safe is shipped via USPS Retail Shipping. Please expect 2-8 days for arrival, plus 1-2 days for processing. We add a $5 shipping and handling charge, which is waived on orders of 2 or more Tuttle Safes.

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