The Money Smart Planner

The Money Smart Planner is a powewrfull tool to learn about finances and save for things kids want!

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About the Money Smart Planner:

Parents understand that children always want new toys. Parents are stuck in a predicament. We wish our kids could have all the toys in the world, but we understand that toys aren’t free. Parents wish there was a way for their children to earn toys instead of being given everything. The Tuttle Safe™ Money Smart Planner is the prefect simple lesson to get kids to earn and save money for the things they want. The lesson is really simple so children as young as 5 can use it with just a little parental help. The worksheet is paper based so children don’t need to be on their electronics to use it. Once a child learns this simple lesson, they will have a critical financial skill that will help them succeed in all the things they want to do for the rest of their life. The best part, is that instead of saying no to new toys, parents can say yes to helping their child earn the toy. The Tuttle Safe™ Money Smart Planner comes with many worksheets that each are good for a separate saving goal. The Tuttle Safe™ Money Smart Planner comes with The Tuttle Safe™ piggybank that can count and store the money a child will earn. You can feel really good about the new toys your child will earn using The Tuttle Safe™ Money Smart Planner!

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