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This cute pumpkin is hand crafted, just for the fall season! Features are created with durable vinyl. Colors may vary slightly due to hand crafting.

Who Said Piggy Banks Had To Look Like Pigs?

Not Us! Which is why we designed the shape and colors of the Tuttle Safe™ to match your space in an aesthetic that you'll enjoy seeing every day. Protecting babies, teaching kids a bit of fiscal responsibility and getting organized never looked so good!

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Giving Back

Tuttle Safe is committed to developing technologies that prevent opioid poisoning. When you purchase a Tuttle Safe™, you are supporting our mission to make a safer world for our kids. As part of our mission, we donate 5% of the profit from every Tuttle Safe™ sold to The Partnership to End Addiction. In addition, it was important to us that the Tuttle Safe™ be MADE IN USA. When you buy a Tuttle Safe™ you are creating jobs in the United States.

Money Goals

This cute coin counter and piggy bank is the perfect way to introduce young kids to the value of money while staying safe. The Tuttle Safe™ is the perfect gift for an older child who is interested in setting goals and saving for something special.

Patent Pending

Tuttle Safe's™ Patent-Pending child-resistant technology is similar to a medicine bottle cap, and keeps younger children safe from harm while 5 hidden compartments allow adults and older children to store coins and other small items. It's also battery and power-free!

Organize your coins

Tuttle Safe™, sorts rolls of $10 in quarters, $5 in dimes, 50¢ in pennies and $2 in nickels, ready to transfer to standard coin rolls, or fill slots with a variety of every day small miscellaneous objects. Not feeling organized? A large bulk compartment holds unsorted coins and whatever else you want to store.

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The Tuttle Safe is also fighting the Opioid Epidemic by donating proceeds to SUD charities and developing technologies to prevent pediatric opioid poisoning.

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